Tuesday, August 5, 2014

the AIR JORDAN 2011 had never used in the production of handmade leather craft

For the last 26 years ago by AIR JORDAN I started the tradition, JORDAN brand again launched to overthrow basketball shoes industry product -- AIR JORDAN 2011. This is the first two interchangeable midsoles (two interchangeable midsoles) high performance basketball shoe, in order to achieve the performance of highly ordered.
   For each AIR JORDAN basketball shoes, Michael Jordan's brand team have asked him to give it a breakthrough and innovation. AIR JORDAN 2011 by JORDAN brand legendary designer -- Tinker Hatfield himself, will once again set off a revolution in basketball. Characteristics of the shoe in the design focus on basketball, two interchangeable midsoles to meet the different requirements of speed and explosive force players.
   The desire for the more rapid the player on the field, AIR JORDAN 2011 blue midsole in the heel and forefoot part with the Zoom Air air unit, so that they can be on the move more quickly response of. While the red in the end for those who seek stronger explosive force players to create, full palm part of 3/4 were injected into the air cushion unit, plus Cushlon midsole, enhance the damping effect in movement.
   In addition, the AIR JORDAN 2011 had never used in the production of handmade leather craft -- Pseudomonas Patina any high performance basketball shoe. AIR JORDAN 2011 per pair of basketball shoes are hand polished, each pair of shoes, so to create a first-class quality, the one and only. Since the birth of 26 years ago, AIR JORDAN has become one of the world's top brand of basketball, and the design and technical innovation of AIR JORDAN 2011 is to continue this tradition.

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