Tuesday, August 5, 2014

AIR JORDAN 2011 revolutionary technology to subvert the basketball shoes industry

AIR JORDAN 2011 revolutionary technology to subvert the basketball shoes industry
Performance characteristics:
· two of interchangeable midsole, meet the different needs of the two players on the pitch, helps to meet the demand of the game customizing
High performance shoe outer layer adopts external structure light
O splicing design and attention to detail
O side perforation to improve permeability, design inspiration comes from the constellation in the sky
O mesh design around the suture technique (Strobel)
Lightweight, breathable lining o
O internal fixation system, firmly hold the front and back
O Mesh Booty structure
O upper inner fixing unit
In the end, blue
O forefoot and heel with Zoom Air air unit
O composite deck pallet strongly support the midfoot, good torsion resistance
O punched PE/EVA insole
O elastic best
O soft and comfortable
In the end, red
Air cushion unit o 3/4 soles, enhance the damping effect in movement
O Cushlon midsole
O composite deck pallet strongly support the midfoot, good torsion resistance
O Ortholite insoles to foot the most comfort
O full length Encapsulated Air built-in cushion
O support control
O stable and comfortable
Design elements
· from the constellation of inspiration, a symbol of JORDAN brand internationalization
· burst outsole

the AIR JORDAN 2011 had never used in the production of handmade leather craft

For the last 26 years ago by AIR JORDAN I started the tradition, JORDAN brand again launched to overthrow basketball shoes industry product -- AIR JORDAN 2011. This is the first two interchangeable midsoles (two interchangeable midsoles) high performance basketball shoe, in order to achieve the performance of highly ordered.
   For each AIR JORDAN basketball shoes, Michael Jordan's brand team have asked him to give it a breakthrough and innovation. AIR JORDAN 2011 by JORDAN brand legendary designer -- Tinker Hatfield himself, will once again set off a revolution in basketball. Characteristics of the shoe in the design focus on basketball, two interchangeable midsoles to meet the different requirements of speed and explosive force players.
   The desire for the more rapid the player on the field, AIR JORDAN 2011 blue midsole in the heel and forefoot part with the Zoom Air air unit, so that they can be on the move more quickly response of. While the red in the end for those who seek stronger explosive force players to create, full palm part of 3/4 were injected into the air cushion unit, plus Cushlon midsole, enhance the damping effect in movement.
   In addition, the AIR JORDAN 2011 had never used in the production of handmade leather craft -- Pseudomonas Patina any high performance basketball shoe. AIR JORDAN 2011 per pair of basketball shoes are hand polished, each pair of shoes, so to create a first-class quality, the one and only. Since the birth of 26 years ago, AIR JORDAN has become one of the world's top brand of basketball, and the design and technical innovation of AIR JORDAN 2011 is to continue this tradition.

Jordan even late at night to discuss the details of the design

 In 2013, Jordan elected most ESPN sports poll to welcome the athletes, according to music special statistics ESPN journal, Michael Jordan name last appeared in the 50 song lyrics, more than second ranked NBA star Kobe Bryant, 18, and third of Lebron James's 15. In the YouTube in 1988, Jordan slam dunk contest video is one of the site ten dunk shot. "We found that when talking and young athletes, this is they know Jordan way, and to know that he is the greatest player in history. Social media continues to put Michael Jordan remained in the young state." Jordan vice president of brand market Blaine O Conner (Brian O 'Connor) said, he at that moment of perfect image is eternal (eternal stores) to freeze in there.
   Beck street advertising company (Baker Street Advertising) creativity (Creative store) director Bob Dorfman (Bod Dorfman) said, if not as "tiger" Woods the harsh nature of the scandal, so the only thing to take away Jordan light - "time is the time. Wait until the purchase of the crowd into those who have never really seen him play child, he will become a be of no great importance." However, Jordan even with time to fight, he was deeply involved in the design of each generation of AJ shoes. "Unlike most of the other players, he really likes sitting down in product design process, to the products for their own imprint." Nike companies Tinker vice president of creative Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) said, Jordan even late at night to discuss the details of the design.
   "This is not a strong desire to control, but on their own in the things that keep a sense of responsibility and the sense of pride, which is why he got great achievements in basketball field." In 1980, AJ series launch, the Americans started to pursue sneaker culture. And Chinese shoes culture into the mainstream media, it is from the 2004 visit to the Michael Jordan and sports shoes sell him. Since then, buy hundreds of pairs of sports shoes not offbeat quirks, but a culture.
   Now the shoe more highlights the fashion and trend characteristics -- because of TV program "where is the father" and the popularity of Jimmy Lin and his son, put on the JORDAN brand sports shoes and pack, quickly attracted a wave trendsetter follow suit. Known as the "godfather of the trend of" Edison Chan once put on an AJ sports shoes, the shoes will be immediately value rise. JORDAN brand sports shoes and fashion stars complement each other, accelerated the spread of sneaker culture.

Nike Jordan shoes: upgrade from sports brand into a cultural symbol

Although the "flying" has retired from basketball game for more than ten years, but Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) in to show his not old sword -- not only make more than ever, and now the most popular athlete was opened. He made $90000000 last year. This figure has exceeded the Jordan from 1997 to 1998, the peak season of the athletes in the annual income of $80000000 record, also won the 2013 almost all active and retired athletes ability suction gold -- just besides the boxer "pretty boy" Freud Mayweather (Floyd Mayweat her).
   And $90000000 from the 83% to Jordan name brand name JORDAN -- this is a high-end brand footwear, apparel and accessories Nike flag. Data web site SportsOneSource estimates, last year, into the "flying money" from the Nike get at least 75000000 dollars. Among them, the JORDAN brand AIR JORDAN (AJ) series of shoes "profit cows". Since its launch in 1985 the 29 generation of shoes, fans recognized: each generation of AJ fusion of the world's most cutting-edge technology, design and fashion shoes. The JORDAN brand USA arena is the birthplace of the Jordan, shoes.
   SportsOneSource display, in 2013 each sold two pairs of basketball shoes, a pair is Jordan brand -- in the huge "Nike Empire" $26000000000 in revenue last year, Jordan brand contribution of $2000000000, also occupy American basketball shoes market share of 92% power Nike. You know, most developed limbs athletes lack of developed financial sophistication. On 2009, "Sports Illustrated" (SportsIllustrated) reported, quite generally, retired athletes financial situation in a complete mess, even many people into a debt crisis.
   While basketball "flash", in business is a talent, he especially know how to operate their own "halo". The court's image, the NBA championship, the best player, scoring and numerous "suit", the basketball gods image so far nobody can the enemy. In the evaluation of brand, celebrities, TV series, the popularity of "Q Score" rating, the 51 year old Jordan still come out in front; he has 25000000 Facebook fans, that he's not.